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You’re In Good Hands with Andrew G. Pineda,M. D.

When it comes to Hair Restoration, the name Pineda comes to mind. A long-time member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Dr. Andrew Pineda specializes in Hair Restoration.

Today, in fact, it is his only form of medical practice. He has made the rounds of the most notable Hair Transplant clinics in the USA, training under the most noteworthy transplant surgeons from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Beverly Hills. He adapted the best from each surgeon into his own style. Equipped with the medical know-how and expertise, Pineda came home to set up his own clinic specializing in hair transplant.

His pool of assistants have been extensively trained by Doctor Pineda himself. After over 3,000 Hair Restoration procedures, he has implemented the techniques of follicular unit transplantation and multi-linear grafting that is the most effective technique, enabling Dr. Pineda to achieve the most natural looking hair restoration results and a few session as possible.

Also, scarring is minimized with his use of the trichophytic donor closure technique. With careful planning and artistic excellence, Dr. Pineda can recreate hair patterns that closely mimic nature. No one will ever know the difference.

Don Emmanuel Abrina, M.D.
Physician’s Assistant

Davao Medical School Foundation
*Residency-Philippine General Hospital
*B. S. Public Health, University of the Philippines, Manila
*Pinedahair Clinics 1996 to Present

Jennifer San Antonio Moran, R.N.
Anesthesia and Hair Transplant Surgical Technician

*Perpetual Help College of Manila
*B.S. Nursing
*PRC #0229043
*Pinedahair Clinics- 1997 to Present

Graziela M. Baluya
Hair Transplant Surgical Technician

*United Doctors Medical Center
*B.S. Nursing
*Pinedahair Clinics 2006 to Present

Joy S. Legaspi
Hair Transplant Surgical Technician

*West Negros University
*B.S. Nursing
*Pinedahair Clinics-2006 to Present

Leo Bobby Legaspi
Hair Transplant Technician

*West Negros University
*B.S. Nursing
*Pinedahair Clinics 2006 to Present

Hariett Shielle Fabonan, R. N.
Hair Transplant Technician

*Mary Chiles College
*B.S. Nursing
*Pinedahair Clinics 2010 to Present

Cynthia Pasano

February 2011 to Present