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Hair Myths and Legends

Things you should and should not belive when it comes to hair.

1.  “Always Trim So It’ll Grow Faster!”

NO! Trimming the hair won’t give you a thicker crowning glory! But if it’s body and a fuller look you want, go get that trim! Trimming though, won’t affect the biologically determined growth rate and overall texture of your hair.

2.  “Cutting Won’t End Split Ends!”

NO! Snipping off split ends is the surefire way to healthier, split end-free hair! Hair care products will temporarily merge the split ends together. But it won’t really repair the damage. So get that pair of scissors and snip them by yourself! Be sure though to use only sharp blades. Dull blades will worsen the damage.

3.  “Split ends don’t stay on hair tips.”

YES! They travel all the way up to the hair roots! Split ends left uncut will tear many times over and cause damage to the strand from tip to tip.

4.  “Hair grows faster on different parts of your head.”

YES! Studies show that hair tends to grow in different rates, on different areas of your head. So don’t be surprised if your perfectly trimmed hair suddenly becomes longer on one side!

5.  “The hair texture you’re born with is for life!”

NO! Your hair texture will definitely go through many changes. Whether your hair’s fine and limp; curly, wavy or even kinky, it’s bound to change due to pregnancy, medication, chemotherapy and age.

6.  “To thicken the hair, shave that baby’s head regularly!”

NO! Shaving a baby’s hair won’t hasten its growth. Nor will it make the hair thicker, or change its texture in any way. So spare your little one’s hair from now on.

7.  “Don’t dye your hair when you’re expecting!”

NO! Most physicians say that hair coloring won’t pose any danger to a pregnant woman and her baby. If you want more assurance, consult your obstetrician.

8.  “Virgin root hairs are more sensitive to hair color.”

YES! Hair color and chemical treatments affect the hair closest to the roots in a different way than the rest of your hair.

9.  “Blow drying can cause your hair to smoke!”

NO! Hair “smokes” rarely. And usually, it is caused by the evaporation of styling gels and hairstyling products that have condensed on the hair.

10.  “If you smoke, your hair will turn gray.”

YES! That’s one more reason to give up the habit. Unless you dig the salt and pepper look.

11.  “You should use permanent hair color to cover gray hair completely.”

NO! A chemical-free, semi-permanent blend will do.

12.  “Daily use of shampoo will make your hair dry.”

NO! The right shampoo for your hair type will do wonders for your hair.

13.  “Conditioners that need to be rinsed out are useless.”

NO! Those types of conditioners contain moisturizing proteins that benefit your hair, and even your scalp.

14.  “Pulling your hair back with a ponytail or bun will make you bald.”

YES! Hair weighed down by some hairstyles will result in hair breakage or worse, hair loss.

15.  “If you sleep with wet hair, fungus will grow on your scalp.”

NO! Scalp fungus can be contracted through other humans, hair care tools or animals.

16.  “Sharing hair combs can infect you with scalp disease.”

YES! Lice and other hair parasites can be transferred from one person to another through hair tools.

17.  “Using one type of shampoo for a prolonged time will make the user immune to it.”

NO! You can continue using one type of shampoo, and still enjoy its many benefits.

18.  “Hair should be washed daily.”

NO! Washing hair is a personal choice. Frequency depends on the preference and taste of each person.

19.  “Chlorine makes your hair green.”

YES! If you have porous light hair — whether natural or chemically-treated, frequent swimming may change the color to green.

20.  “Sun exposure can lead to hair loss.”

YES! Hair follicles at the root level can get damaged due to a series of burns. Though hair loss will occur faster if the person is genetically predisposed towards hair loss.

21.  “If you brush thinning hair frequently, your hair will fall out faster.”

NO! Brushing will make you lose hair faster only if you’re already suffering from a hair loss condition like Alopecia.

22.  “If you want your hair to be chemical-free, use only natural products.”

NO! Not all products branded as natural are void of chemicals. Better check the label each time you buy one.