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Looks Real, Feels Real, 100% Real

Unlike other hair loss augmentation procedures, Pineda’s hair transplant utilizes real hair. Your real hair, to be exact.  He meticulously transfers existing hair from the more abundant areas of your head, aptly called the donor area.

Since real hair is used, there are no limits as to what you can do after the transplant. You can engage in any sport, even in swimming. Unlike toupees, which can fly off with the wind.  Or hair extensions, which frizzes up when it gets wet.

You can even have your hair styled, permed or treated in any way.  And you can expect nothing but the best results.  Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy real hair that grows naturally!

100% Safe

Hair transplants are proven safe. Since it only affects the outermost layer of the hair-bearing skin, the epidermis, the dermis (which contains hair follicles), and a small part of the fat layer.

If and when you decide to have a hair transplant, it would be best to go to Dr. Andrew Pineda. The country’s foremost surgeon, renowned for his breakthrough work in hair restoration. For Pineda, hair restoration is not just about giving patients hair. It’s about restoring your confidence. It’s about restoring your life. In the safest way possible.